Individual Tax Services

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We advise individuals on the tax implications of all types of Income, including Self-Employment, PAYE issues, Termination Payments, Pensions, Rental income, Dividend income, Foreign Income and other types of Investment income. We also advise on Tax Residence & Domicile issues, Estate Planning, Taxation of Gifts & Inheritances, Local Property Tax issues, etc.

If you have additional income or Capital Gains and you are unsure of your tax implications, please give us a call here for an informal chat.

income tax advice

Income Tax

We offer a comprehensive compliance tax service to our clients who are required to submit an annual tax return

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revenue audit and investigation guidance and assistance

Revenue Audit & Investigation

We are proud to say that our clients are almost never audited by Revenue. This is because we endeavour to pick up any discrepancies and odd features before tax returns are submitted

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capital acquisitions tax advice

Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT)

We offer a comprehensive service by considering the tax implications of any Capital receipt and what tax returns may be required

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capital gains tax ireland advice

Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

We approach CGT with a view to minimising the tax exposure of our clients and ensuring they remain tax compliant

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vat financial consultant tax expert

VAT on Property & Business Assets

We have a comprehensive knowledge of VAT on Property issues and offer expert advice on any VAT issues arising on the sale or supply of a business or business asset

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VAT goods services guidelines

VAT on Other Goods & Services

We provide our clients with professional and expert advice on all aspects of VAT. Call us today for assistance with your VAT processing

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property development tax advice

Property Development

We advise on tax efficient structures to put in place for property developments to minimise tax liabilities and maximise personal protection

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relevant contracts tax ireland expert advice

Relevant Contracts Tax

The Relevant Contracts Tax system was overhauled in January 2012. The administrative obligations now placed on principal contractors can be onerous. Learn how we can alleviate the associated workload

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Stamp Duty

We have vast experience of the wide variety of issues that can arise in connection with Stamp Duty. Read on to learn many of the areas where we can provide expert assistance to you in this area

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general tax planning expertise

General Tax Planning

We offer advice on business structure, including sole trader, partnerships, joint ventures and when to incorporate and the reliefs that are available. Learn more about how we can assist your business

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use of losses against income advice and expertise

Use of Losses

We can advise on the use of trading losses to shelter other income sources and ensure any unused losses are carried forward or offset

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Employers PAYE & PRSI

We provide a payroll service run by fully trained team of payroll professionals using the latest software and taking a proactive view of your requirements

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rental income investment income tax advice property

Rental Income & Investment Income

We specialise in the property rental sector and have over 200 clients who have rental income sources. We also advice on the tax aspects of other forms of Investment Income.

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Other Services Include

  • Self-Employment – taxation of self-employed individuals & Partnerships
  • Capital Allowances

  • Separation and Divorce – tax aspects of marital breakdown
  • Tax Residence & Domicile
  • Foreign Employments

  • Foreign Income
  • Termination Payments
  • Taxation of Pension Lump Sums & Pension Payments
  • Employee Share Schemes
  • Income Tax Exemptions
  • PAYE Credits

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