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Income Tax

Self Assessment Tax Returns

income tax advice

We offer a comprehensive compliance tax service to our clients who are required to submit an annual tax return. By representing their interests when dealing directly with the Revenue Commissioners on their behalf, we endeavour to remove the hassle and stress for our clients while minimising their tax liabilities.

Our work includes the calculation of tax liabilities, the preparation of tax returns and accounts for those clients with income from Business (sole trader & professional), Directorships, Property Rental, Investments, PAYE sources, etc. We ensure that tax bills are reduced by maximising the use of available tax reliefs, deductions and credits and, where required, by offering advice on possible restructuring the business model and/or income streams.

We offer tax advice on all aspects of Income Tax including employment & pension income, self-employment, rental income and dividend, interest and other forms of investment income. We have expertise in dealing with tax incentive schemes, capital allowances, taxation of trusts & settlements, EIIS/BES, SURE/seed capital and film investment schemes.

Tax Residence & Domicile of an individual is also an area in which we have specialised.

We also have extensive experience in dealing with tax arrears cases. If filing those tax returns has been put on the long finger or perhaps tax payments have fallen into arrears, we can ensure that tax affairs are brought up to date and negotiate with Revenue, where applicable, the settlement of arrears of tax, interest and penalties.

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